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  1. I have a bachelor in telecommunications and I'm looking forward to starting a career as a network engineer in the US (configuring network equipment and deployment of IP networks and services). The problem is that I have no work experience, so I'm looking for an entry-level position, but right now I don't know what path to follow. Where should I start?? What is the best plausible entry-level position to build my career?? What skills should I build to start off? I could go out and take my CCNA tomorrow, but I doubt someone would take me seriously without proper experience Any suggestions, please?? I'd REALLY appreciate it.

  2. Thank you sir for video
    I am very interest by programming and write code but I don't know nothing about computer because I come from Africa and we don't have this kind of technology because people has no access in the internet because it's very expensive .
    Please I gotta question :
    Can I start IT to become programmer and write code or I need to jump into to computer science?
    Please remember I am 26 year old and I have no idea about technology .
    Please give me some tips because I am very confused and I don't wanna wast my time.
    1) what kind of paths i am gonna jump into to succeed in IT?
    2) I work 8 hours day as cashier at my jobs ,do you think I can be good like native people because maybe they taught it in high school before moving college
    3) do you think after 2 years can I able to have a jobs in programming ?
    4)consider my job do I have enough time to learn?
    Please help me I am confuse and I wanna go head with this career
    You can Call me Gabriel
    Thank you

  3. Hello, I'm 20 years old, I've always been tech savvy, I build all my computers, hook up all my tv's, routers, and modems, etc. I'm currently working full time as a CSR for Uber and I want to get into IT. I've thought about going back to school, also considered just getting certification and seeking an Entry level position. However, I don't want to do another desk job and something that pays somewhere in the same range, I get paid about $16/hr right now and I have good benefits, what do you suggest? I have a huge passion for technology and computers and everything that encompasses it. I just don't know how to get there from where I am now without uprooting my life and taking a cut in pay and benefits.

  4. Great video. I am not in IT but i am looking to get into it and change of career. This is great info however i wanted to ask you, so where do you start as a beginner with schooling and training? I am from the houston, tx area and i been looking at HCC, San Jacinto, Lee college just to name a few but i mean there programs dont really say if they are for beginners, intermediate, or X-amount of experience. Do you recommend a certain degree program for beginners? What would be a good place to start…..? for beginners.
    Thank you so much sir.

  5. sir you are doing great job , but i need your help i work as waiter n i want to change my career I'm confused in software tester job and networking cisco admin , can you please help me or i can talk to u any email i can talk to to i need your help I'm 32 now

  6. Hey I'm a new subscriber and I'm currently a college student and in the degree of health science but I'm thinking of switching to a IT degree and hopefully IT job like my father. I've been watching your videos to get an idea about IT and what it's like. So finally my question is how do serve administrators do the troubleshooting and monitoring, what kind of tools will I be using if I pursue this kinda of career? Thanks for the videos they've given me a good amount of information in IT and I'm considering the switch.

  7. Hello! I am currently a high school student that will be going to college in summer of 2017. I am planning to get a degree in software engineering. I could honestly go all day just typing code, but I was wondering. Is there any job that uses programming and high levels of mathematics? I am asking this since I love math and would really enjoy a job (after college) that incorporates mathematics and programming. Thanks!

  8. Very informative video! Is there anywhere in IT an Accounting major with some IT certs could be useful? My school offers an MIS degree, however the classes are so basic that they end up just giving you basic foundational knowledge, and I never saw much value in an MIS degree. I always felt IT certs were the way to go because they seem like a truer test of knowledge believe it or not! Of course I know you need experience too.

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