Designing your individual PCB

Look at Ryan clearly show you how straightforward it can be to design your individual custom made printed circuit board applying free downloadable software package. If you want an electronics venture to be taken severely, it really is got to have a PCB.

Relevant Videos:
Insert a structure sample to blank schematic elements:


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  1. How do you learn what componets you need to use. With what your trying to prototype? I never went to school for any of this but is it possible to learn with out schooling? So that you can create your product prototype.

  2. Awesome!!! I can't believe I am looking at my own prototype 3D PCB right now. I'm sure my design doesn't work because I rushed it and ignored errors xD. But this is exactly what I needed. Next when I compute everything that will be needed in the final version, it will be iterations of increasingly smaller and better working models, and you already answered my question in the video about custom components which will be needed! Next is practice, practice, practice! Thank you Ryan!

  3. Hello.. I need a help…. what I have to do next?? print it on yellow paper or what?? and what about jumps to be made for design… reply me plz I'll be thankful to you.. I'm a beginner in PCB

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