Feds accuse four most cancers charities of fraud

Federal trade commissions cracks down on four most cancers charities, which they say applied $187 million from donations on luxurious existence and fundraising. CNN’s Drew Griffin reviews.


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  1. For all the Billions of dollars collected over the years, there shouldn't be Any diseases left in the world. If they cure these diseases they would be out of a job.

  2. Feds accuse four cancer charities of fraud



  3. Shut down the charity, that's fine but they are going to open another one somewhere. Can we please send them to jail just like Bernie Madoff, at least for 20 years minimum for looting the US population and cancer victims. I see that FTC is looking for $136 million out of $187 millions in fine, so where is the remaining $51 million? $51 million in 4 years is a large amount of money.  People will start doing this more unless everything these people have is taken away and they sent to jail for a long time.

    I just feel bad that people like this exist in our society. There are people dying of cancers here and there and these people don't have a single remorse. What a sad thing to hear today!!

  4. I fear that they will use these cases to control fundraising more.
    Apropos fundraising-fraud:
    Btw, there are indications that it could be possible that in some governmental psyops fundraising could be just used as a scenery  while in truth the alleged victims (crisis actors) could get their money by their governments and not by civilian donators maybe. In short: the fundraising could be used for "money laundering" (to conceal the cashflow from the government to the crisis actors),

  5. Having struggled(had to work two jobs, sell everything i owned of value, borrowed myself into debt) to take care of two cancer patients in my family i have always believed many charities are bullshite, they all claim they can help families but really starbucks cards are hardly the most necessary help i needed at those times.   I needed help finding a part time rental to have the patients able to be near their treatment hospitals while undergoing chemo and/or radiation, or numerous surgeries/procedures(nothing like being stuck in traffic in the summer heat with a cancer patient barfing their brains out behind you and there is nothing you can do but hope traffic starts moving and they don't need to go right back to the hospital, I needed someone to spell me and drive maybe one of those 5 days a week trips back and forth to all the doctors appts., I needed someone to wade through the piles of medical bills as i was busy cleaning up vomit, begging deathly ill loved ones to "just take one bite, and see if you like it" as I made meals and goodies day and night to tempt them to eat, even if it was one bite.  I needed someone to donate a grocery card so when i had to make a three am. run to the grocery store bakery to buy fresh baked french bread as one patient could only eat and keep down the soft center but could eat a loafs' worth in a day, thank god a girl i know worked there at the time she actually bought a few loaves and gave me coupons for a few more free ones because by then i couldn't afford to eat myself much less buy $2 a loaf french bread at the store.  I needed someone to fix my car after i literally drove it to pieces with the constant driving to treatments, checkups, appts. scans, surgeries etc.etc.etc.  Instead i got none of the above and nearly 10 years later i am looking at being homeless soon and am still having to walk or beg friends for a ride to the store,the doctors office, or anywhere farther than i can walk and believe me i have walked at least across the country by now, so in closing people who do shite like this should have their balls slowly removed on national t.v. because dealing with cancer is the 8th circle of hell and getting donations so badly needed by so many families and then buying yourself crap with it makes you not needed in our species anymore.

  6. When will donors give up the ego caressing habit of donating to charities, simply to get a pat on the back as peers read about your "generosity"?  Why not identify individuals who need financial support and have the money delivered a la "The Millionaire," a radio program popular many a summer ago?  Someone struggling financially could probably use the 10,000k limit set by the IRS.  Unfortunately, monies don't always trickle down to where it's needed.  I've even read where some homeless shelters had "directors" making as much as 180k a year.  Excuse me?  Isn't such an amount better than 2/3 of the yearly budget?

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