PCB Design Strategies | Typical Electronics Tutorial

Tired of ugly Do-it-yourself circuits on prototyping board? Here is a pleasant movie on how to layout a PCB (printed circuit board) nicely! Incorporates a complete bunch of PCB layout recommendations, so when its made, it comes out correct!

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40 Replies to “PCB Design Strategies | Typical Electronics Tutorial”

  1. Just some tips for PCB Designs:
    -Make vias, so the GND of both sides is distributed equally
    -Best practice it to put all SMD's on one side and the through Holes Components on the other side
    -The ground plane should be more or less everywhere, so there are no big gaps without the ground plane
    -Name all the components on the corresponding silk layer
    -don't Forget the mounting holes

  2. hey there I have a question here I have two boards here that are old but want to redesign them to add features onto them like lcd and all where could I go to get the board design cheap

  3. Wasn't it possible to solder all the cathodes from the LED graph bar together and bring it to ground through one resistor instead of giving each LED in the graph bar its own resistor?

  4. great video and i will definitely use the site you recommended. i do have a question, is there s list of components that can be placed on a circuit board. a list where i can research it by it telling what the part name is and what it is used for. for example i would to create/design a board that has an led power on light, a place to have a better, on the opposite ended of the some wiring so this board can be control on one end and  to control another device on the other end. i hope what i an asking makes any sense to you and also if i wanted to enclosed it how do u go about that. either you o anyone here can answer these questions for me, thank you

  5. Very high quality all in all. I love this video!
    Being an amateur hacker and semi-radio amateur, I like to know more of electronics and especially industrial SMD production / markets.

  6. Your board looks more like a protoboard "one-off design". Much consideration should be taken on the design of the board for Casing ,button/ LCD location, thermal dissipation and etc. It's not cheap to get a few board done… including Setups fees S$100 maybe? anyway good job on the PCB design.

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