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  1. Every broad on those two dating site want an attractive successful "gentleman" who "knows" how to treat them like ladies… Even if these women look like potatoes or manatees. They truly believe they are some tremendous prize even though they bring nothing to the table but debt, drama, and baggage.  Lot's of BBW hogs chasing pipe dreams.

  2. the problem with dating today American woen expect too much from men. instead of building with the man they expect the man to take care of them financially thats why i date outside the US…

  3. Make sure your main picture is of you having fun. Have at least 4 other pictures of you having fun with other people. Make sure your description states that either you are an accomplished [career position] or [Going to school for ambitious career path] Talk about several activities that you enjoy and exciting places you've been (embellish if you have to). Then, "Like" everyone on meet me. When you get matches, look at the profile, find two good points of interest on that profile. Message the meet me match. Send message: "I like what I see in your profile pics, but the reason I wanted to stop by was because of [point of interest #1], also I [point of interest #2] is something that I really find interesting, how did you get into that?.After 20 or so successful relays state "Hey, you seem like good company. Text me? 310-755-1215. (This will take them off the app and make them focus on you.) After a few days of texting, drop the question: "Hey, would you be down for dinner or drinks this weekend or next.. as in a date? I think you're nice =)". (She will probably accept at this point). Lock down a date and time as the week progresses. Be yourself (DO NOT try to appease her, just be friendly and agree with her if it feels natural, otherwise crack a joke. DO NOT BE APOLOGETIC, but maintain your viewpoint.), if she touches your arm/face/leg 3 or more times combined, go for the kiss later on (you have a 90% chance of success at this point, do it after you get up from where you were in the first place). If all these parameters are met you will have sex within 12 days (on average) of 1st contact. Be bold , refine your skills, don't be afraid to fail. You will never get better if you don't have some failures under your belt. Just view failures as steps toward success. If your match doesn't respond after 2 messages drop it, if they only give you one word responses drop it. Be patient and restrained. Do not add a follow up message if they don't respond within 24 hours. Do not respond to their message for at least 20-40 minutes. This is my method, practice safe sex please. I hope you like this method, it has gotten me 8 1st dates and 1 girlfriend since 2015 when I 1st tried it.

  4. pof shows you all the members in your search filters. ockupid doesn't. paying members can choose to have 'unattractive' people filtered out from their searches.

  5. Neither of these sites are free whatsoever. At least, NOW they're not. They're only free to sign up. But you can't get anywhere unless you pay. Which I NEVER will!   I'm still searching for one that really IS free.

  6. I've tried Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid. On Plenty of Fish, one woman responded. We talked for one weekend, then she stopped talking. None of the other women responded at all. I tried everything. Making my profile look good (with one picture of me in a casual setting, and one of me in a suit.) Making sure there were no grammatical errors, hiding the fact that I'm a nerd (refraining from math and chemistry jokes.) and still nothing. I don't see how anyone managed to get a date let alone get married on this site. OK Cupid was the same.
    These sites made me give up on finding a girlfriend…
    Well, at least I have "Love Plus. "

  7. Truth Master you are incorrect. They are free financially. But you pay through aggravation and lies from everyone on there. No one is normal on either site, and both sites are sex sites only. Everyone is acting like a dog in heat online.

  8. Both sites are sex sites only. Everyone lies on there and claims they want someone long term and they want love etc etc. They are lying their asses off. Men and women both only want to get laid.

  9. i am on okcupid and more other free dating sites and I say hi or hello my name is lucas and can I get to know you please and I get 99% now never get a talk back for me to know her

  10. there's an equal share of perverts, scammers, and catfish on any site you go on. after my first ex, I was single for 6 years, (we only dated for 1) but I went though almost every single "free" and not free dating site out there. now I'm not the blonde bombshell yoga pants wearing vegan from CA, but I know what I want in a relationship, and paying for it was miserable.

     Eharmony set me up with 1 married guy and 2 catfish. I demanded my money back, and they didn't bother with it. they said everyone was "Screened" before they added them to the site, well you can type "not married" and still be married.  not much of a screening process. the other 2 people stood me up twice, and I just ended it.

    Match kept matching me with obese men which I specifically told them not to match me with. I'm not obese and I wouldn't date someone who was. I asked for my money back because I was unhappy with their matching techniques. They didn't refund me.

    Chemistry was a waste of time. all the guys on there are well over 40 and still looking for a "Kendra" porn star trophy wife to show off to their buddies. I was matched with people who I had nothing in common with, but it was supposed to be chemistry? yeah right.

    Mingle 2 is just a waste. I don't think many people have heard about that site, because no one is on it. I was talking to a nice man for a couple weeks, we met at a bbq and hit it off, and a week later he hit on my sister and asked her to go to vegas with him. she kicked him out of the house in the middle of dinner, and we haven't spoke since.

    zoosk is just hookups and sex. no one on there is serious.

    OKC- I don't even know why I go on this site anymore, its pointless. you have to pay to see the people who wanna meet you? if they wanted to meet you, they would message you. not do the stupid matching service so you have to pay. I know all men on that site are NOT shy.

    POF- I met someone I dated for 2 years off POF we had a rocky start, and it only went downhill from there, upon moving in together, his past debt, ex wife and DUI's came up and it was too much for me to handle. I broke up with him and moved out.

    Tinder- Don't.

    Datehookup- Says what it is.. not good for LTR's.

    Christian mingle- you have to pay to even send a message. at least with ock or pof. you can do it for free. the guys on there are overly religious, and sometimes its more of a burden than a blessing.

    there's millions more, and new ones popping up everyday. I'd say, if you put in your profile, you love being outside, swimming hiking ect. then go do that, maybe you'll meet someone. its better to be standing in a pool full of guys you can see reactions and emotions rather than shopping online thinking he has everything you want, and meeting him has you running for the hills. maybe focus more on your life and what makes you happy, and that person will set foot in your life when they're meant too.

  11. I was on POF, the very worst of the worst online dating websites.
    I was on there from 1/13/2013 to 9/16/2014. When I enrolled with
    Plenty of Farces, I told them in my profile that Said Widower seeks
    Filipina woman for marriage with Filipina woman who seeks the
    same. I'm a widower that was married 31 years to my late wife
    Who was a wonderful woman. POF didn't bother to match me
    with my preferences. I'm at war with POF, I have filed lots of
    complaints againist them with the Federal Trade Commission,
    Fraud.org, the ic3 division of the FBI, the BBB of mainland
    BC,Canada, the Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia,CA,
    Sent letters to 185 daily newspapers in the U.S. & Canada telling
    how bad POF is. I have already called my congressman twice
    and my senators twice and told them how bad POF is, and they
    Need to be shut down for good.

  12. There's a lot of creepers on both websites. I think the fact that they are FREE TO JOIN has to do with a lot of scammers and spammers on there. That's not to say that the sites are bad, as my boss met his wife off of OkCupid, and my girlfriend met her soon-to-be fiancé off of the same site. I'm just saying that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding the prince, and let me tell ya, kissing all of those frogs left a bitter taste in my mouth.
     Before I met my husband, I was a member of POF and most of the guys had NO ambition, nothing going on with themselves, no motivation, no car, lived with mommy, and no idea of their future prospects. They just wanted to smoke dope all day and ask me to pick them up/have sex. It was horrible. Then I joined Match.com for a month before meeting my husband at one of our local eateries during a business luncheon. I then cancelled both of my subscriptions to the dating sites.
     I guess online dating is okay, but too many people have taken advantage of it and perverted the purpose behind it. You see people who have fake pics, no pics, who only want a woman with DD size breasts, guys who want a sugar momma to take care of them (I'm not the fucking one), guys who want to scam you, lies, people who have no type of goals, guys who want to have four women for backup just in case the one they want to pursue doesn't reciprocate their feelings, and just plain out crazy creeps.
    It works for some people, but for me,a strong, independent, Republican, Christian woman, it just wasn't cutting it. If you have had success with online dating, awesome! I'm happy for you! If you're still trying to date online, good luck and I wish you the best!

  13. Girls talk everything seems fine and when it comes to meeting they disappear on you .Most of them looking for a perfect man like jesus , making good money,father their kids ,good build ,a job ,a car you name it they want everything .

  14. Same people on Cupid , Meetme ,Tag,and POF…I think you will find out that most are only loyal to there next option ..They quickly become same shit different piles .Any thing other than a FWB your going to have to do some serious weeding ..

  15. PoF & Date HookUp: I have been a member of both off and on for the past 3 – 4 years. They are a "tool" and a useful one IF the people that join were honest. The problems are,
    1) the majority have a motive, agenda, scheme and none of which relates to "finding a mate". They are either after sex, money or both.
    Once one avoids these yahoo's, then there are
    2) those that invent, reinvent or portray themselves as they "wish" they are. They put forth a person that they want to be rather than who they truly are. It can be something as simple as listing hobbies to more deceptive such as career and the ever popular "Catfishes" that post a photo of themselves 10+ years younger or someone that is not them at all.
    3) The dreaded and intelligent insulting scammers. How people still fall for these scams is beyond me! I might add that some sites administrators/owners have Catfishes of their own to message, attract, keep and get real members to join for a fee.
    4) Then there are those that are on the sites just to vent: To make others miserable because they are. They will go out on a date, but only to complain about their ex's and or to get a free meal out of their date. (Not mate material). Easy to find these, just look at the forums.
    Once one jumps ALL these hurdles, the last of the online dating community is all of about 3 – 5% that are truly looking for long, lasting love. Unfortunately even after one finally finds the 3 – 5%, then there has to be a little thing called "chemistry" which is fickle and allusive both on and offline.
    I haven't any animosity towards the sites, only the people. After going through about 60% of the yahoos I have to take extensive breaks from the sites to keep myself from hating the idea of dating.

  16. POF is nothing but full of losers on there. Good chunk of the female profiles there look like they just  smoked meth or crack. very nasty looking also 2 profiles that come by  looked like she was just in a bar fight with 2 black eyes kid you not. they block your msg's if your a guy. most profiles there require you to send a pic for a response. If your a female they don't block her from sending pictures in pvt msg's while blocking the guys msg's. who wants to give those crooks 80.00 and get nothing outta it. then there apps to read mail is BS full of Trojan horses. had to kill the hdd redo the whole pc.

  17. POF sucks it is FULL of gold digging whores who only want a guy for what he has or who he has. Tons of dumb women on that site who judge a guy based on his income or his job title so I would suggest this site to guys who fall into those categories to go onto that site and take full advantage of the worthless sluts on there who only want a guy with money or who is in the military.

  18. POF is bullshit  They delete and band you for doing nothing wrong at all  Some spiteful person or maybe a jelous ex will flag you and they just band you for no reason at all  Its sux because someone sincere may meet someone and like them alot but not yet given person contact but then all the sudden your BAn FOR NO REASON AT ALL  mAYBE THEY JUST THINK YOUR UGLY AND JUDGE FOR NO REASON

  19. ok cupid is HORRIBLE. full of freaks and pretentious women. yes ladies, I know, it works both ways. It is this way because it is FREE and anyone can join. POF is a bit better, they offer singles events, and it is a better   class of people.

  20. I have tried both a free and a paid site. I have gotten more responses on the free site than the paid site but not from people I would contact otherwise. I haven't found anyone who is looking for a serious relationship – I feel like most men are just doing it when they feel bored. Maybe I will just meet someone the old-fashioned way….

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