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  1. I'm thinking of going to a tech school and the program is called IT and communication systems. What exactly is the communication systems part of it? Like what kind of jobs does that open myself up to?

  2. Hello! My son is graduating this year from DEVRY taking I.T. , Please help we don't know how to start on how to find a job and what do you think how much salary from the start? Thanks!

  3. Love this channel, so many things are laid out with no unnecessary jargon here, so even a mongolian-polish with broken english can understand it, man youre like my life savior, so much respect that Im tempted to send my slavery money away to keep your channel in or support anyway I can!

  4. Hey what's up man. I'm really debating on entering the field of computers, it's always been something I've wanted to do as a kid but I never took time to look into the fields of IT.
    I want to enter the field of IT, and I'm looking more towards security but I'm not really sure what I like, I did coding and I hated it.
    What types of certifications should I pursue in IT security and what kind of advice would you give someone who has never entered the field but has hopes for it? Sorry for the long message 😣

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