1. Introduction to Embedded Systems

An overview of Embedded Systems
Lecture 1 of seventeen from EE 260
Klipsch Faculty of Electrical and Computer system Engineering
New Mexico Condition University

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  1. hi,
    i actually want to work all my electronic device of my house on mobile so how can i use arduino for it. actually i am not a guy from engineering side i am from management side so can i make it on my own and work on it

  2. Hello Robert,

    Are the documents and project book available for this lecture? I am not able to download the documents and unable to locate the project book. Including the download of the lecture slides.

    I have been able to get the two books from Amazon and the Arduino shield from Banggood dot com.

    Thank you,


  3. Hi sir..I'm a complete newbie in embedded systems.. Attended a 3day workshop on embedded systems.. Loved the subject.. Wanted to learn more n in detail.. Hope ur videos help me in the course… I wanted to learn fast in quick pace..I need some suggestions about do's n donot's..whatever u think necessary!!!?

  4. I am using the ATMega328 for most of my projects and this arduino is the most powerful tool in the field of embedded systems. For those who are new to this systems, you better start learning arduino. It really helps.
    Loved the video very much

  5. Hi Robert, My apologies for my ignorance..
    If a device has an embedded system, with some sort of linux firmware,
    and this firmware is updated via ethernet(internet access) then would it be possible to do any sort of debugging via ethernet?

  6. Hi. Thanks for the video.
    What's the target of the whole tutorial? You mention that 'Arduino' is a device for hobbyists/artists. After watching the videos I'd say that's its rather technical.

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