40 Replies to “Adam Ruins All the things – Why Relationship Sites Are not Scientific At All | truTV”

  1. My online dating experience has actually been great. I met 5 women on OKCupid. The first one ended up moving out of the country and we just weren't close enough at the time to want to do long-distance dating. But while we were together, we had a blast. The 2nd girl was just as awesome, but we ended up being better friends than lovers. The 3rd, we hit it off and were very compatible, but our schedules were so hectic and conflicting that we both decided to break it off. I was off when she was working, I was working when she was off, i'd be sleeping when she got off work, she'd be sleeping when I got off work. The 4th girl was the same as the 2nd. And the 5th……..she's now my wife. I guess I just got lucky and didn't end up with any crazy nut cases. And with all those women, we had 85% or higher match ratings, but we also answered HUNDREDS of questions.

  2. Perfect for all the Social Darwinist YouBoobers that frequently comments on YouTube. If they are stupid enough to believe in the stuff they do, then they should be stupid enough to use dating sites. They'll meet people who are losers, just like them.

  3. Lack of peer review doesn't mean non scientific. Science can happen behind closed doors (e.g. classified information).

    A lot of this stuff is probably statistics.

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