21 Replies to “Best ten Optimum Shelling out Career in Facts technological innovation 2016-2020”

  1. Guys i would kindly really like to know if a degree in bcom information systems management is a good degree? The modules that the university i enrolled in do are software development, information systems and business management. Do u think this degree is worth doing?

  2. I would not consider graphics designer as an IT specific career. The only reason it is associated with It is because of the various software a person can use to aid them in designing graphics. Graphics design is more along the line of Art rather then Information Technology as a lot of what you do in graphics design can also be done with traditional art tools rather then the computer software you may use, though with much higher difficulty.

  3. Hello, hoping I get a few replies to this. I am someone who has recently decided to go in to the broad field of i.t. at a technical college in my home state of wisconsin. I have been considering the network specialist program but they offer many more programs and i just want to make sure I am making the right decision. as this is a totally new thing for me and I am going to be learning from the ground up, I'm kind of following A) the money B) the predicted growth of the field. everyone has told me to be careful choosing based on money and i am very aware. my question is this: in terms of a 2 year degree, will network specialist be a good career for the rest of my life? would cloud computing be a more lasting choice? is network security safer? I think with hard work I can make 6 figures in all 3 but I want to make sure I am getting the best education for a constantly changing industry. thanks for reading

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