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  1. Thanks for the video. I've a bachelor in IT, what's a better masters approach? Networking, Web Development or any IT related program, OR Business Administration? If time goes back what would you choose? I'm sooo confused since I like web developing but I hate programming, and we didn't study much networking so I don't know anything beyond basic theoretical info, I think I enjoy it but I feel it's a vast field and I'm gonna need more than just a CCNA course and that will take time, probably years. I also like marketing and the business field so I'd really appreciate it if you help me with my decision since I wasted a lot of time and years, and had a hard time getting hired in an Arab country. Thank you!

  2. hey what has a better job opportunity an B.S in MIS or I.T or is there something else you recommend. i currently have 2 A.A.S in Security and in Networking. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Experience beats degree any time. In my opinion go for the lowest degree you need to land a good job. Then you go from there. If you are good at what you are doing and after bachelor you get a good offers in something you are interested in, go for it. Remember that after master you will have to compete with bachelor degree that has already about 2 years of experience in the position or he might already be after promotion.

    Remember that at school you dont really learn much of what is really needed for most of the good IT jobs. We have to train new resources every single time and there is no difference between bachelor or master degree. Its all about their experience with tools we are using and eagerness to learn.

    To put it plainly if we will get three candidates one with MS second one with BS and third one without any official degree but with 4 years of experience at some international company and recommendation letter … well we will pick the one with experience 🙂 right away.

  4. Hi there,I'm studying in IT in university, however, I found myself not that much into programming, such as C++ language stuff, do you think that I can still work in IT field even if I'm not good at programming ? What type of IT jobs would you recommend for someone like me? Thank you~

  5. Hi Zack, I am looking for change of a degree from associate of science to computes. More I do my research in IT the more I am liking it. What do you suggest for someone who doesn't have any knowledge of programming.I am 36 years old, is this is a wise decision to start a new schooling? Best part of IT for me is 9-5 hours, weekends off and good pay.
    what do you think? where should I start? I would like to have a degree in IT , not short certificates
    please guide me. thanks

  6. Something else I looked into for work is information assurance/security. I may focus on this because data hacks and breaches are now the norm and trying to stay way ahead of the curve on hackers is going to require many minds.

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