28 Replies to “How to attract ALTERNATIVE Girls”

  1. I'm gonna whip my notepad out….
    Taste for alternative girls-√√√√√√!!!!!
    Alternative lifestyle-✓
    Open mindedness-√
    Music preferences-√
    Long hair-X 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 shit! I had long hair but cut it for a job. I'm responsible so I guess thats gotta count for something. Im an artist, Im gonna send you a rendered .gif animation, just because your beautiful and I want to make a beautiful rendering. It might take me a couple days. I want you to see what a creative weirdo I am

  2. I'm not very well know for being "cool" so I don't know what cool hair would look like. but I have hair down to the middle of my back, that I usually have tied back with six to seven hair hair ties. when I wear it down it get a bit….. poofy. it's very curly. I look like a Klingon with y hair down actually. haha I love your energy though! you seem so active and excited all the time it's adorable! haha

  3. Ha ! It's okay that my boyfriend was normal when I met him… I made my boyfriend alternative…since I am a hairdresser ! Hair is super important. Thats the true moral of this video. ❤😂

  4. "Grow out your hair" YES! Men, please grow your fricken hair! You all have these short, fuckboy/the twins from rugrats hair dos and you wonder why getting laid is so much harder for you than it is for chicks! Get some variety in your styles, guys.

  5. I think humans put to much of their self-worth and limitation on labels. Much of life is about unlabeling, unlearning and unmasking [: Once you label yourself you cancel out your individuality and replace it within the boundaries of that label. Once you label yourself, you negate yourself. Just my thought.

  6. I think when people say "alt girls are easy" they're alluding to Alt girl's openness and experimental nature that normal women don't typically possess. Alt girls are more confident and are apart of subcultures with an underlying "freedom" ethos. We (Alt people in general) realize that dogmas and taboos are not substitute for consciously making responsible choices and that we don't need to choose between self-expression and morality or individuality and acceptance. If the USA practiced what it preached, everyone in the country would be some kind of Alt. Alt cultures typically have a strict "non-judgment" policy, where we don't judge others or demand they make choices that we would make as long as they don't actively bother anyone else.

    You should definitely try cam modelling because you are that kind of person. Genuine, sweet, beautiful, interesting, all things possessed by some of the most successful cam models I've ever seen. I'm not saying jump into it tomorrow, all I'm saying is don't entirely omit it from your options. You can make a lot more than you can at a 9-5 job.

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