21 Replies to “How To Day American Females (1 Massive Miscalculation Foreign Fellas Make)”

  1. here is how you annoy American woman. Only seems to annoy them, not anyone else. When you see one in front of you, quicken your pace. Make it look like you are running after her, and come to a stop like 10 feet behind her. You will see how she is immediately annoyed and make start gawking at you as she walks, or she may change her path and walk into a store, etc, to dodge you. Non-American women don't react like that.

  2. Yeah American women stink and are all skanks, do what I did and marry an eastern european woman or even an asain lady. Let the colored men have the trashy american women , hopefully they'll give WW AIDS and we can be rid of that scum once and for all.

  3. Here’s a tip avoid American women period they’re horrid creatures. They think they’re entitled to everything and believe they’re all supermodels. They spend $$$ on hair and make up only to dress like they’re doing a weekly grocery shop.

    They’re only happy when you’re buying them something or paying for them in some situations. Oh and don’t forget whilst you’re dating them, in the background there’s another ten guys they’re calling, seeing and texting. Avoid

  4. First of all, you do NOT have the right to marry whoever you want. You have the right to TRY and marry whoever you want. Now, that having been said, if you're neat and clean and reasonably good looking American women are pretty easy to date and go to bed with—–or at least they were in the San Francisco Bay Area when I was a young guy on the prowl. However, one must be advised that American women are spoiled and very self-centered and they have a strong tendency to regard men as utilities. So be forewarned before dating them.

  5. HELP!!!
    I've got a quick question, unrelated to video. So I met this chick on some chat site. We chatted for a few hours and she told me she wanted to fuck, I really turned her on and we were into the exact same things. She lives only about 6 hours from me.
    Problem is, I don't have a phone. I'm afraid to go any further with her, but also want to keep things at arm's length. I'm afraid she will reject me completely if she finds out I don't have a phone. I'm getting one soon, but this is important NOW.

    Any advice?

  6. Tripp can you pls answer this?
    I talked to a girl for a short time confidently and asked for her snap, she gave me that but sent FB friend request next day to her but she removed it. She seemed interested but shortly moved to his regular boyfriends and said something then all of them looked to me like I'm a weirdo. I know I was a little fast but at least I was serious straight to the point, didn't play creepy guy either.

    What does this scenario mean?
    * she challenges me and wonders what I will do?
    * no interest from her side so move on?
    * may play hard?
    * or just played interested to get rid of me?
    * she's a bitch?

    This is Sweden :p

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