How To Generate a Assistance Method ☆ WORKSHEET ☆

This online video is all about realizing who is in your help technique and arranging it in a visible way. Hope you get pleasure from!

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Hi! My title is Kristen, I am 22 a long time outdated, from Sacramento CA, and I am graduating in the Spring with my BA in Psychology. I made this channel for three causes that are incredibly shut to my heart. A person, to enable other individuals be equipped to tell their stories and be advocates for mental well being. Two, to give recovery strategies and tricks to enable other individuals obtain the enable they need to have. And three, to spread awareness for mental well being difficulties to battle the stigma bordering it. The far more we communicate about mental disease the far more normalized it will be in our modern society and the far more people will not be ashamed to get enable!

☆ DISCLAIMER ☆ I am not a skilled. If you are in search of skilled tips you should go see your primary care health practitioner or therapist. The info in this article is dependent on own encounters, own knowledge, or research I have accomplished on the subject matter. These movies are not an option to therapy and are not meant to be utilized for self prognosis. If this is an crisis you should contact 911, contact your community crisis line or go to your closest hospital.


48 Replies to “How To Generate a Assistance Method ☆ WORKSHEET ☆”

  1. Hey there. Thank you for this video. I believe it's a good idea and very dun and creative way to do it.

    I think the only thing to ad as a comment is that deoending on the situation it is good to ask and double check with the person. Just asking if it's ok to be added on the list simply because if for some reason you are in a state where you can't react and there's someone near you that somehow finds this worksheet, and they randomly call or message such person in your list… could be a very uncomfortable and confusing experience if they weren't informed before hand and it may feel to them that you overstepped boundaries. Also, by experience I know that sometimes we could think that someone is part of the support system and og surprise! Turns out to be that is not the case and then you end up with very uncomfortable situations… so just double check.

  2. I can't do this. I feel like me venting and opening up to people is bad. I end up hurting people and end up being a burden. My closest friend left me after I had told them all my thoughts and feelings. I can't trust anyone.

  3. I have no one… My parents are unsupportive, and I have only one friend who almost never answers the phone. Everyone else in my life I just have a really uncomfortable or bad relationship with.

  4. I love this truly. I am almost done making mine, but added a bit towards yours I'll have show it at some point but this is a good distraction for me right now is to color and make a support system because I need to realize I have people who love me in my life. This is very helpful thank you.

  5. Wht do we do if we only have one person who let's us talk and shows they live and care about us? He tells me I can tell him anything he wants me to always talk to him. Should we write down something that we know makes us feel better and happy like a pet or song?

  6. I feel so guilty sometimes because I really rely on only one person, and she doesn't even have to deal with it!! She's not related to me or my friend, she's already done sooooo much for me! But at the moment I am finding it really hard to completely confide in anyone else…. She's really helped me but she is a busy person, she can't always reply straight away, and that worries me a lot sometimes. I feel so awful when she worries about me as well, because to me this is just the norm, it's what I experience every day and have done for years, but from what I can tell, she hasn't experienced anything like this before so I guess it shocks her, she found out about it by accident but every time I message her I panic and regret it and I feel like I'm ruining her life too!

  7. Woah
    In this "Support system" would be more people that I know only from online that people that I know in person..
    But thanks! I'm going to make it! It looks cool!

  8. Hi Kristen 🙂 I just started watching your channel a couple of months ago and you have really helped me. I think this video in particular is one of the best videos to help a person cope with having depression or mental illnesses. I also watched your what do I take to school video (probably not what it's called but…) and had a good think about what you said. So now in my school bag (I'm 15 and in year 10) I have my very own notebook. Sometimes I write in it like a diary. Sometimes I write quotes in lots of different writing fonts, sometime I sketch or draw or just you know….. Colour things in/highlight. I've found it really helpful having something that I can turn to if I'm anxious or feeling depressed. It's helpful because it's just mine… It's completely personal to me and I can do whatever I want in it to relieve my self of pain and know one has to know what I'm writing. The illnesses I struggle from are depression, high anxiety, ocd, autism, an eating disorder, insomnia. 😊

  9. This is a great idea, I'm the kind of person to only trust one persen but I'm trying to expand so this might be a great way to do that. Try to write down whoever helps me, even if it is just a litle bit.

  10. I asked my mom for therapy a few years ago and I ask her every once and a while but I still haven't been able to go. over the years I have gotten worse and resorted to cutting. How do I get therapy and how do i tell my mom I have been self harming. she's seen the cuts but she never asks. what am I supposed to do.

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