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  1. Yes. Dating a Ghanian. Has it challenge's. The distance, communication, being so far away from each other. Just as in any relationship, 'understanding'. But I will concur that African men are more spiritual and family oriented. And respect for their women is so much more admirable. The loyalty is to be commended. My husband and I have been together going on four years and married for just over one year. And I have been to Ghana a couple times in just the past year. Headed back soon Planning the traditional Ghanaian ceremony. Which is a three day event!!! Wow! I love alot of the food but some local dishes are just too spicey for my taste, but there are places where u can get American food, restaurants , at the malls. so there's something there for everyone ,the culture and how welcoming the people are there… So inviting. The only thing I can say I don't like is the driving there. CRAZY!!! Hmmm some kind of way. But Accra Ghana is a beautiful country. And a place I now call home. And I lucked out on a great man as my husband. !

  2. This is immotional and brave – but what you probably realised is that it is actually safer to live in Ghana. Good luck sweetheart, Marriage is not easy everywhere especially when different. You sound like a very good person – welcome home and welcome to Africa.

  3. Thank u for your advice. I recently meet someone from Ghana. He has lived in the state's for 25 years. I was very doubtful at first. Due to the language. The broken english. People will stereotype. He has been a very nice person. I can see myself falling from him.

  4. wow something similar. Im from Detroit michigan and met a ghanian. met in Spain where hes currently living. i have visited him. and the 3 yrs we been dating have been great. hes amazing. and congrats to you on your marriage and people will tell u about foreign men. but you can run into problems with men from here so cudos to u and your husband.

  5. I personally know your husband Michael. We went to the same high school in Ghana- Okuapemman school. Good to know you’re from Detroit. I lived in Lansing for two years. I’m a Spartan😊.. I’m happy for you guys. You have a good man.

  6. Thank you for sharing, I love this video, very positive and uplifting….I myself been dating a African man from Gambia now for 2 years and planning to go in July or November to get engage…..did you have to take any shots before leaving US?

  7. Hmmm well my dear good warm hearted story . First , I wish all marriages well . Now to your story . First I doubt you get on a DATING web site just to meet friends and pen pals  , go to pen pal .com or friendship.com . Secondly , if a person have any DOUBT you follow the brain God give not your heart ( emotions ) . I wish you two well seems the key was the cultural experience you had and got away from the men that CHEATED on you in the states . Good luck my dear

  8. I absolutely love the way my Nigerian husband treats my children and I. I have never been treated so good in any relationship in the past. So thankful for our kids and my husband. Thankful to God for allowing love to find me, and being loved. Never been loved like this before. To be loved, oh what a feeling. lol ! Mwah

  9. Thanks for your post I am dating and African man from Ghana and we are taking things real slow. I have heard so many negative things and my family are totally against it. He is loving and God fearing and very patient, it's been 8 months now. in the beginning he was trying to marry right away and this sent up red flags. I think we now have a good pace and I hope to get to visit him soon. Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. I met and married my husband within 9 months. I made a decision the past 2 years to only date African men. I loved the way they treated me. In making that decision I met Naija. For all the bad stories you here there are a lot of great stories like this one and mine. African are amazing!

  11. I really have enjoyed these videos. I was curious if someone would have a video of their husband and to get his take on dating and marrying an woman from another country.

  12. There are lots of intercultural families out here living happily. It is not all doom and gloom. Just be careful as you would with any other relationship. My wife and I met here in the U.S. I'm from Ghana and she from Ohio and 10 years and 2 children later still going strong despite all the naysayers on her side. Wish you all the best people and if I can answer any questions feel free to hit me up.

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