Pediatric Stroke: one family tells their story

Travis and Brooke Ewert inform about their son Trevor’s stroke and adhere to-up treatment they obtained from Kid’s Hospital Colorado.


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  1. I am 15 years old and when I was born I had a stroke I now I can't use my left side I wish I could play sports with my friends but my experience I found out that a stroke made it hard but I started to like having a challenge and figuring things out like I found it easier to use my knees and right foot to be my left hand for me the toughest part is that some people only want to be your friend so then they will look good to everyone else and where I live you can never tell the difference between real and fake frienfs but I do know that I do have at least two real friends because they will push me and want to hang out with me even though we are not with other people but I know what I have to live with and I am still cooping with accepting it at times

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