What Are the Components of the Ear? | Ear Issues

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This is a model of the human ear. Right here we have the outer ear and this is the ear canal. This yellow is excess fat. This blue is cartilage and this is the outer ear canal. Right here is the eardrum. Powering the eardrum is the center ear and guiding the center ear is the internal ear.

The outer ear in an grownup is two-thirds bone and one particular-3rd cartilage which is blue. In a boy or girl it truly is reversed. At delivery the outer ear canal is two-thirds cartilage and only one particular-3rd bone. And this is wherever your wax is manufactured. Sound waves appear in and the eardrum vibrates.

And there are 3 small bones of hearing that just take the sound power that is impacting on the eardrum and present it to the internal ear. And what we can see in this model, this is what your eardrum appears to be like like and on the inside of are the small bones of hearing.

The internal ear has two components. The organ of hearing which is curled up like a snail termed the cochlea and the organ of harmony which is termed the labyrinth or the semicircular canals. The center ear space is made up of air and the air receives in by a tube termed the Eustachian tube. The Eustachian tube connects the back of your nose with your center ear and the Eustachian tube will allow air into your ear.

Developed by God or Darwin dependent on which one particular you favor.


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  1. I don't really get this, it actually helped me! I have ear ache like for two weeks…so something new is always welcome, I really need help, and doctors helped me alot, but it's still a big problem in my life, this is kinda helpful, so Bitch Please 😉 😀

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