The 1947 film The Biography of the Motion Picture Camera is an art documentary produced by Les Films du Compas and Roger Leenhardt, and narrated by Tony Kraber. The film traces the history of the development of motion pictures from the first camera to Edison’s kinetoscope and the Lumiere brothers’ cinematograph. The film begins with a brief recap of photographing still simple subjects. The issue of animating still photographs is apparent with the “School of the Successive Pose” (01:51), and it isn’t until Dr. Etienne-Jules Marey begins his study of movement that the motion picture camera’s foundation is laid. Marey’s study of motion began with Karl von Vierordt’s sphygmograph (03:20—likely a Marey design of Vierordt’s invention). Marey then adapts the sphygmograph to fit a horse and rider (04:09) in order to record the movement of the horse (at a walk, trot, and gallop). Marey’s graph reveals that on the third beat, a horse rested on only one leg, a conclusion that was at odds with the current understanding of how horses galloped. Avid horse racing fan Leland Stanford places a $25,000 bet on Marey’s conclusion and hires photographer Eadweard Muybridge (05:28) to prove Marey’s theory using a battery of 24 cameras to photograph the galloping horse (05:45—recreation of camera battery). Muybridge’s album is sent to Marey, who is impressed and takes up photography to better understand movement. Marey invents his own chronophotograph to better capture movement (07:30—use of chronophotograph, representation of Marey), going as far as to diagram human movement (09:30). With Kodak film (10:15—early Kodak film camera) replacing photographic plates, Marey adapts his chronophotograph (10:20), photographing himself (11:30) with his own chronophotograph. However, it isn’t until Thomas Edison (12:09) that the next breakthrough in motion picture cameras is made. Edison and his interest in reproducing movement brings the motion picture camera into existence. Edison invents his own camera and begins making his own films. After the success of his commercial phonographs (12:27), Edison builds a viewing machine for his films called the kinetoscope (12:50), and people soon pay to watch moving pictures, including the 20-second Sandow (13:04), featuring Eugen Sandow, the German strongman. The documentary then provides a quick explanation of how the kinetoscope works (13:37), then shows a handful of kinetoscope films produced by Edison’s Black Maria Studio: Buffalo Dance (14:22), Hadj Cheriff (14:34), Athlete with Wand (14:46), Annie Oakley (14:55), The Boxing Cats (15:09). The documentary finishes by looking at the impact of Auguste and Louis Lumiere. The Lumiere brothers patent the cinematograph, a projector used for showing motion pictures to large audiences (as well as recording). Louis Lumiere (15:49) makes commercial showings possible by incorporating the principle of the claw of the sewing machine (15:56) into their projector (16:23). The first commercial public screening of films takes place in 1895 at Salon Indien du Grand Café in Paris. The Lumiere brothers show ten short films, including Workers Leaving the Factory (15:20) and Baby’s Breakfast (17:12)—featuring Andree Lumiere. Soon after, most cities have commercial screenings of films, allowing people to marvel at the short and simple motion pictures (17:50).

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water | Clip: Invaders | Bulgaria | Paramount Shots

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs are kicked out of a sandcastle.

SpongeBob SquarePants, the world’s favourite sea dwelling invertebrate, comes ashore to our globe for his most tremendous-heroic adventure but.

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water | Clip: Invaders | Bulgaria | Paramount Shots


Make your images Transfer and Appear TO Life! Photoshop Tutorial

Animate your images in photoshop with the 2.5D parallax effect and Adobes developed in capabilities. Straightforward to do!
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Prime fifteen Horror Motion pictures 2013 Photos

This 12 months i made a decision to make two checklist since i didn’t come to feel comfortable with a 22 minute trailer checklist so i built this just one aswell.
I viewed these horror motion pictures with the past two years and i seriously enjoyed them, But i have not gotten about to watching Evil Dead yet, but i heard it was good so pushed it in the checklist

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How To Animate a Photo | The 2.5D Result

Study how to generate movement in nevertheless photos, a system manufactured well-liked in the film The Kid Stays In The Photograph. In the tutorial earlier mentioned, Joe Fellows shows us how he’s equipped to bring photographs to lifestyle employing the parallax effect with Photoshop and Right after Outcomes.

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Truly lovable puppies – Puppy pictures lovable child pup shots and movies

Truly Cute PUPPIES in great shots and movies. Puppy pictures lovable child pup shots and movies. Cute pup shots.
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Truly Cute PUPPIES – Puppy pictures lovable child pup shots and movies